Love at first bite

Meet Atli

I'm Atlehang Moshoeshoe, known online as Atlieats, a passionate food blogger who's been on a flavourful journey since 2022.

My love for food blossomed in my early childhood years, helping my mom bake and stirring up a lifelong passion. From those cherished moments at home, my culinary curiosity led me to explore restaurants, immersing myself in diverse cuisines and the art of reviewing food and eateries.

Beyond just taste, I'm captivated by the stories behind each dish and establishment. What I share isn't just about food—it's about celebrating cultural connections and the artistry of flavours. My journey isn't just mine; it's a way to inspire
others to embrace their passions and relish in the joy of discovery.

Love At First Bite Brownie

This project holds a special place in my heart as it not only allowed me to showcase my creativity but also marked my first official collaboration, making it an exciting experience for me.

Brownies have always held a special spot in my heart. They represent warmth, indulgence, and the simple joy of biting into a hearty treat. Ironically, I've never been able to perfect the art of making brownies, so when the opportunity arose to design one, I jumped at the chance.

The choice of a red velvet brownie was inspired by my love for red velvet cake. Additionally, I wanted the brownie to carry a touch of love and romance, aligning perfectly with the theme of February, particularly Valentine's Day.

The fondant messages, "Love at first bite," are not just decorations but reflections of the joy and love I believe desserts can bring into our lives. 

This collaboration has been a labor of love, and I've poured my passion into every aspect of its creation. It's more than just a brownie; it's a representation of the exciting journey of my first collaboration. I hope this brownie brings as much joy to others as it has brought to me.

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